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Welcome to the homepage for Game Theory Explorer β, which is a software tool to create and analyze games as models of strategic interaction. An extensive or strategic-form game can be created and nicely displayed with a graphical user interface in a web browser. State-of-the-art algorithms then compute one or all Nash equilibria of the game.

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This will launch Game Theory Explorer in a new browser window where you can create and solve games; right-click if you have pop-ups blocked.

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Note that this is a β (“beta”) software version still under development, so please be patient with misbehaviour and bugs.

Please send all comments to: gte@nash.lse.ac.uk

Last change: February 19, 2016


As an entry point to using the software we recommend the following article (click for PDF), which is also how the software should be cited:

Rahul Savani and Bernhard von Stengel (2015), Game Theory Explorer – Software for the Applied Game Theorist. Computational Management Science 12, 5-33.

Software development information

The source code is publically available under https://github.com/gambitproject/gte and documented under https://github.com/gambitproject/gte/wiki/_pages.


Programming for this project was financially supported by a STICERD research grant from the London School of Economics and by the Google Summer of Code 2011, 2012, and 2014 as part of the open-source Gambit Project, maintained by Ted Turocy.